Why do I need ADDISTA?

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Published Date 21/10/2019
Why do I need ADDISTA?
ADDISTA, LCA700-LCA709, the AQA system
Use the ADDISTA system as a quick way of checking your equipment and methods.
Errors may originate from many different sources in an analytical laboratory, such as a defective device (photometer, thermostat), a contaminated reagent, incorrect handling or a faulty pipette.

 An ADDISTA pack includes:
 85 mL standard solution or spiked solution
 2 bottles of round-robin test solutions A and B
 1 evaluation form

The standard solution should be used to check the accuracy of the analysis. The target value specified on the packaging (depending on the parameter) must be reached within the confidence interval; if this is the case, you can be rest assured you have a functioning measurement system and can go on to analyse your actual samples. If the value is not within the confidence range, the sources of error must be identified.

Another quality measure available is the round-robin test. As described in the instructions for the relevant LCK test, measure the concentration of the round-robin test solutions A and B and submit your results by post, by fax, by email or using the online form. Once your results have been evaluated, you will receive a certificate for the passed parameters and an evaluation of your analysis by post. Many authorities accept this document as part of the external quality assurance process.

Performed on a regular basis, the analytical quality assurance (AQA) measures described here will render your measurement results produced in the laboratory more meaningful. Now that's a real boost for your confidence.

Work instructions LCA700-LCA709
Recognised results based on AQA

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