How can I participate in a round-robin test with Hach?

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Published Date 21/10/2019
How can I participate in a round-robin test with Hach?
Round-robin test with ADDISTA, LCA700 - LCA709
You will need the appropriate ADDISTA solutions to participate in a round-robin test involving the cuvette tests.
These solutions are adapted to the measuring range of the relevant cuvette tests.
Analyse the standard solution and the round-robin test solutions A and B (in duplicate each time), and log the results on the enclosed round-robin test evaluation form.
The results can be submitted by post, by fax, by email or directly via our online form.
Hach will evaluate the results; you will then receive a certificate for the passed parameters, plus the entire evaluation.

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Overview of all ADDISTA solutions
Work instructions LCA700-LCA709
Case report for round-robin tests

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