ATEX Zone 2 Certification

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Published Date 05/07/2018
ATEX Zone 2 Certification
Product Overview
The BioTector range of analysers can be supplied with the European ATEX Zone 2 Hazardous certification. Organizations in EU must follow the ATEX directives to protect employees from explosion risk in areas where an explosive atmosphere can occur. ATEX is a legal framework that businesses must follow. The current ATEX directive is 2014/34/EU, which replaced the previous directive, ATEX 94/9/EC on 20 April 2016.
Customer Information
This ATEX Zone 2 certification is available with the following BioTector analyzers - B7000i, B3500ul, B3500c, B7000 TOC/TN, B7000 TOC/TP and B7000 TOC/TN/TP

The ATEX Zone 2 certification is as per the following

II 3G Ex pzc IIC T4

II 3G Ex pzc IIC T3

The ATEX Zone 2 certification is not available for the following analysers  B3500s, B3500dw and B3500e analyzers as well as accessories BioTector Compressor, Venturi Sampler and Vacuum Sampler