Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Library

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Published Date 07/02/2018
Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Library
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Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Sensor Management (MSM).
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q. What instruments does Mobile Sensor Management Support?
A. The portfolio of supported instruments is continuously evolving. Please go to Hach Support Online to get the latest list of supported sensors. 

Q.   What connectivity methods does Mobile Sensor Management Support?
A.  Mobile Sensor Management supports connectivity through WI-FI, LAN and GSM Mobile networks. 

Q.   Do I need to buy Prognosys separately?
A.  No, Prognosys is included with Mobile Sensor Management. 

Q.   Does the SC1000 support Mobile Sensor Management?
A.  Mobile Sensor Management must connect via the SC1500. 

Q. In what countries is Mobile Sensor Management currently available for sale?
A. United States, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK 

Q. Can the cloud icon and cellular strength communication status indicators from SC4200c be seen within the MSM application?
A. The icons about communication cannot be seen on a mobile device, but it's easy to determine when connectivity is lost due to lack of data on the mobile device.  Sensors that are not communication with the system are easily detected in MSM as well.

Q. Does LED color change on the SC4200c when outputs are on hold?
A. Yes. Status indicators change color and flash depending on the status.  The application will also indicate when a sensor is on hold. Please refer to the SC4200c User Manual for a full explanation of indicator lights.

Q. Is there a hazardous area version of the SC4200c?
A. Not currently.  A C1D2 version is in the works and will be available in 2018.

Q. Is there a part number for a Verizon modem for the SC4200c?
A. Verizon is not supported on the SC4200c currently.  For customers interested in Verizon, they can use the SC1500.

Q. Can customers configure outputs on the SC4200c using MSM?
A. Yes, they can click on the controller within MSM and select mA output.  A full description of how to do this can be found in the MSM user manual.

Q. Is there a way from the MSM interface to see which sensors are connected to which controller?
A. In order to see which devices are connected, you will need to click on the controller.  Sensors, communication cards, and I/O modules tied to this controller will be shown.

Q. Can the SC4200c connect through Ethernet?
A. Yes – all versions (cellular included) can connect via Ethernet.

Q. Can customers log in and change other settings (e.g. maintenance items, data log) for sensors via MSM?
A. Yes

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