Can the Lachat FIA be run without an autosampler?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
Can the Lachat FIA be run without an autosampler?
Manual sampling option for Lachat Omnion
The Lachat Omnion software includes a choice to manually sample.  This requires a user to be the autosampler.  The PDS200 dilutor cannot be used when manually sampling.
To use the manual sampler option follow these steps:
  • Select Configuration then Autosamplers… from within the Omnion software.
  • Choose Manual Sampler from the list for Autosampler Type.
  • Choose Accept
  • Remove the autosampler probe from the autosampler so that the user can move the probe from sample to sample.
Once the manual sampler is configured, the Omnion software will give prompts asking the user to move the probe into the wash bath and into specific standard or sample cups as required by the run.  Each time the software does this, the user needs to select OK to verify that the probe has been moved to the specified location.