Can the LuminUltra 12x55mm Test Tubes (50) be autoclaved?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
Can the LuminUltra 12x55mm Test Tubes (50) be autoclaved?
Autoclaving LuminUltra tubes
An Applications Specialist from LuminUltra said that the 12x55mm Test Tubes (50; Catalog Number/Order Code DIS-CT12-50) should be fine for further testing if they have been accidentally autoclaved, unless they have been used in previous tests. Unfortunately the test tubes, along with the majority of products in the test kits are single-use only. The reason for this is that when dealing with measurements at the microscopic level, even a small contamination can cause deviations on the ATP measurements.

The test tubes are labeled with a sensitivity to sunlight not because of heat, or even light in general, it is the UV light that causes damage to the test tubes. This usually results in abnormally high background relative light unit (RLU) values. If the tubes are accidentally autoclaved, it is recommend to perform the background RLU test a few times with just the test tube and the Luminase in the luminometer. If the result is the expected low background RLU value, proceed with testing. On the other hand, if the background RLU values are higher than expected, it is recommended to try again one day later after leaving the tubes at room temperature. If at this point the background test still produces high RLU values, then new test tubes should be purchased.

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