Why is my 5500 AMC analyser failing calibration?

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Published Date 21/01/2019
Why is my 5500 AMC analyser failing calibration?
5500 AMC analyser calibration failure.
There are many reasons why the calibration might fail on the 5500 AMC analyser. The most common problem is low absorption on the Cell 2 calibration results. This happens because the R3 is only used with Cell 2 during the calibration. Because the R3 is used so infrequently, that tube is prone to clogs or losing a prime. This is easily resolved or found by performing a delivery test on the R3 to Cell 2 via the Diag Menu. If your R3 is flowing and priming via this delivery test does not help solve the calibration failure, please send us the data files from the unit for further troubleshooting.

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