What can be done if the APA6000 analyser is displaying "Channel not assigned"?

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Published Date 21/01/2019
What can be done if the APA6000 analyser is displaying "Channel not assigned"?
Configuration of the APA6000 internal network to add measurements to a channel using SINGLE SENSOR SETUP. This is necessary after an Aquatrend Cold Start or if the screen displays:

After changing the main board or a power event, the APA6000 internal network may need to be configured.The display needs to be told to communicate to the main board (in the back of the instrument).

On the screen, you will see CHANNEL NOT ASSIGNED. If prompted, change the Aquatrend status to "master" and turn the network manager on.

In order to add the main board to the network, you must make it configurable. To do this, use the small button between the network connections and connections for recorder A on the main board. This button must be held as you use the toggle switch to power the instrument on. Continue to hold the butotn down for at least thirty seconds after the power is turned on.

When you release the configure button, a small LED on the main board will start blinking. If the LED does not start blinking, repeat the process and make sure you are holding the button for at least 30 seconds.

Once the main board is configurable, go to MENU>NETWORK MENU>SINGLE SENSOR SYSTEM and hit enter.

If the main board is connected properly and the LED is blinking, the system should find one unconfigured sensor. Hit ENTER to continue. The device will be configured. After the successful configuration, hit enter and then the DISPLAY key to return the the measurement screen.