What is the recommended maintenance schedule for the Orbisphere 3625?

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Published Date 21/01/2019
What is the recommended maintenance schedule for the Orbisphere 3625?
Recommended maintenance schedule for the Orbisphere 3625 Package Analyser.

3625 Package Analyser Recommended Maintenance

Daily Maintenance
  • Wipe down unit and clean work area
  • Inspect electrical connections, make sure they are dry and clean
  • Inspect tubing for bubbles during sampling, kinks, and debris. Clean or replace as needed
  • Check Nitrogen (N2) forcing gas pressure and purge pressure 
Weekly Maintenance
  • Lubricate guide rods and sample tube
  • Rinse system with 355 ml of 10% household bleach in water (0.05% hypochlorite solution)
  • Check manifold filter for discoloration.  Replace if necessary
  • Clean in-line liquid particle filter
  • Inspect and clean piercing assembly 
Four-Week Maintenance
  • Change all piercing guide seals and o-rings (or every 1500 samples)
  • Change manifold filter (or every 1500 samples)
  • Remove, clean and lubricate Arup seal (or every 1500 samples)
  • Verify valve function
  • Check PT 1000 calibration 
Quarterly Maintenance
  • Service and calibrate the oxygen sensor at least once every three months
  • Calibrate carbon dioxide sensor
  • Calibrate barometer
  • Calibrate external pressure sensor
  • Calibrate PT-1000
  • Rinse system with 50% household bleach 
Semi-Annual Maintenance
  •  All quarterly maintenance
  • Change all Sample Tube Valve (STV) o-rings 
Yearly Maintenance
  • Service CO2 Sensor. Change membrane, adjust V2 and V3 voltages and calibrate
  • Change all sample tubing

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