Is there an instruction sheet for the self cleaning strainer kit for the CL17 analyser?

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Published Date 21/01/2019
Is there an instruction sheet for the self cleaning strainer kit for the CL17 analyser?
CL17 Self cleaning strainer kit instruction sheet.
Self-cleaning Strainer Kit, Catalog Number/ Order Code 46618-00
Instruction Sheet
The Self-Cleaning Strainer Kit is used with Hach's CLl7 Chlorine Analyser and Series 5000 family of analysers to provide filtered sample for measurement. The kit includes the following items:

Item    Description

1.         Fitting, adapter, 1/4-inch 01) tube, 1/8-inch NPT (used with CLl7 Chlorine Analyser)
2.         Fitting, adapter, 1/4-inch 01) tube, 1/4-inch NPT
3.         Head Regulator Assembly
4.         Reducing Bushing, 1/2 x 1/4 NPT (2 units)
5.         Spare Filter Element, 40 mesh
6.         Tubing, PVC transparent braided, 3/8" ID (6 feet)
7.         Tubing, PTFE, 1/4-inch 0D x 0.170 ID (3 feet)
8.         Sample By-Pass Y Strainer Assembly
The design of the Strainer Assembly provides high-velocity flow, approximately 2 gallons per minute, through the center of the tubular filter with only a small amount (approximately 100 mL/minute) passing through the filter screen to the analyser.  Most of the water flows directly to the head regulator and out the drain, carrying away particulates and other heavier debris that could otherwise restrict flow and plug the line.  Sample pressure and rate of flow to the analyser are kept constant by a constant head pressure provided by the head regulator assembly.
The head regulator and strainer are assembled at the factory, including installation of the filter element and hose barb fittings.  Reducer bushings, however must be installed in the strainer at the inlet and the outlet to the analyser.  Use of Teflon thread tape is recommended.  Caution: Do Not Overtighten; the tapered threads could cause the strainer housing to split.
Refer to the drawing and plumb the kit components as follows:
1.  Install the head regulator so that the elbow fitting is approximately two feet higher than the level of the sample in the analyser sample cell. A suitable length of 1-inch OD PVC pipe (not supplied) must be cemented in the lower T socket as part of the drain line appropriate for your application.  This will provide a flow rate to the analyser of approximately 100 ml/minute with the recommended flow rate of 2 gallons/minute (1-1/2 to 3 gallons/minute acceptable) to the strainer.
2.  Install a section of 3/8-inch ID, braided, clear PVC tubing between the strainer and the head regulator elbow  fitting.  A six foot. piece is supplied in the kit.  Slide the ends of the tubing over the hose barb fittings.  No clamps are needed.


3.  Install the 1/4-inch tube X 1/4-inch NPT adapter fitting on the 1/4-inch OD, PTFE tubing supplied in the kit.  Referring to the detail drawing of the fitting installation, slide the nut, back ferrule and front ferrule over the tubing with approximately 1/2-inch of the tube extended beyond the front ferrule.  Install the male threaded portion of the adapter fitting in the outlet reducer bushing of the strainer.  Use thread tape and do not over-tighten.  Slide the nut over the two ferrules and thread it onto the male portion of the fitting.  Hand tighten only until snug.
4.  If connecting to a Series 5000 analyser, remove the nut (with ferrules) from the stainless steel compression fitting on the back of the analyser cabinet and slide it over the other end of the PTFE tubing with approximately 1/2-inch of the tube extending beyond the nut.  Thread the nut onto the analyser fitting and tighten.
If connecting to a CL17 Chlorine Analyser, note that a reducer adapter fitting (supplied in the kit) is required at the analyser inlet to match the 1/8-inch NPT female inlet block connection.  Separate the reducer fitting and slide the nut, back ferrule and front ferrule onto the end of the PTFE tubing.  Install the male portion of the fitting in the analyser inlet block.  Use thread tape and do not over-tighten. Thread the nut onto the male portion of the fitting and hand tighten only.
5.  Plumb sample to the strainer inlet with a means to control sample flow in front of the strainer. A system where there is excess flow capability would allow a by-pass be plumbed for all but the 2 gallons/minute strainer requirement, permitting the control valve to be placed in a by-pass line coming off of the supply ahead of the strainer instead of in the supply line to the strainer.  See drawing.  This would eliminate the problem of a clogged valve stopping flow to the analyser.
Minimum flow rates for the analyser are 70 ml/minute for the CL17 Chlorine Analyser and 80 ml/minute for tile Series 5000 Analyzers.
Operating Specifications:

Sample Supply Flow Rate Range 1.5 to 3 gallons per minute
Analyser Flow Rate Range 70 to 150 ml per minute
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50 'C