What is the lapse error on the AS950 sampler?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
What is the lapse error on the AS950 sampler?
AS950 sampler lapse error.
The lapse error can occur on the AS950 sampler if the sampling program timing is too short for the sampler to achieve.  For instance, if you run a time based program with a sampling interval of one minute and start the program immediately, it may not be able to achieve the second sample with success.  Consequently, the lapse error may occur.  This is because the sampler is programmed to sample on the minute.  When it starts immediately, it may sample at a minute and some odd seconds.  The second sample will try at the very next minute.  If it comes up too soon, the lapse error can occur.

If the lapse error occurs, try starting the sampling program after the first interval instead of immediately or try setting the time based intervals out further (ex. every two or three minutes instead of every minute).