What pump and tubings are needed for the Astro TOC analyser?

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Published Date 21/01/2019
What pump and tubings are needed for the Astro TOC analyser?
Astro TOC tubing and pump configuration.
There are many different configurations for the Astro TOC and all of the pump and tubing sizes are an important factor in the analysis of the analyser. The first thing to do is note what model number you have on your analyser. This is written on a steel plate that is on the top left hand side of the analyser near the AC power wiring. The model number will be 4195-xxxx or 6195-xxxx.

After finding this number, proceed to page 159 of the user manual. Page 159 will show the hardware configurations for each model. This list will show you what pump kits you will need for each pump.

Clicking on the pump in the hardware configuration table will take you to the specific page for each pump. The pump specific pages will show the various pump roller, tubing, and fittings required for rebuilding a pump assembly. The pumps can be purchased as complete unit or as individual pieces. There is an illustration on page 131 that shows the location of the various pump types in an example analyser.

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