How can user programs be exported from the DR900?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
How can user programs be exported from the DR900?
Exporting DR900 user programs
Exporting user programs on the DR900 (part number/order code 9385100) copies all user programs from the DR900 to the computer for storage or for transferring the program to a different DR900. To export user programs:

1. Set the instrument to on and connect the USB cable to the instrument and to the computer.  The USB Main Menu prompts.
2. Select Manage Programs and then Export User Programs on the DR900.  The instrument automatically creates a new user program DR900_User.spm file.
3. The instrument shows as a USB drive on the computer. Open the folder.
4. Copy the newly created user program DR900_User.spm file from the DR900 folder to the computer.
5. Push Ok on DR900
6. Select Back on DR900
7. Select Disconnect USB and disconnect the USB cable.
8. Push Ok on DR900 

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