How do I install a SIO module on to my Aquatrend network?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
How do I install a SIO module on to my Aquatrend network?
Installation guide for SIO module for the Aquatrend network.
  1. Using a two-conductor cable insert the green wire into any of the Net_B terminals in one of the PS1201 power supplies on the Aquatrend network.  Insert the white wire into the corresponding Net_A terminal in the same terminal block of the PS1201.  Do not connect the shield wire on the PS1201.  If there are no empty terminals in the PS1201, the wires may be doubled up in a terminal with existing wires. 
  2. Connect the other end of the cable into the supplied connector with the green wire in terminal 1, the white wire in terminal 2 and the shield in terminal 3.  Plug the connector into the front of the SIO.
  3. If terminating has been done in the Aquatrend (typical configuration), then flip both terminator switches off on the SIO.  If terminating has not been done in the Aquatrend the flip terminator switch 1 on the SIO to the on position.
  4. Connect the supplied RS 232 cable to the back of the SIO and the other end to the com port on the computer.  If there is no com port on the computer this end of the cable will need to be cut and wired into a converter according to the converter wiring diagram.
  5. Apply power to the SIO.  At this point the configure light on the unit should start blinking.  If the light is not blinking, press in the configure button and cycle the power to the SIO with the button pressed in.  Continue to hold in the button once the power is restored for about 20 seconds.  Release the button and the configure light should blink.  If it still does not, repeat the above process.
  6. Once the configure light is blinking press the menu key on the Aquatrend interface.  Arrow down to the Network menu and press enter.  Press enter on add device.  At this point it will search for any unconfigured devices.
  7. A list of unconfigured devices will appear.  Press enter on the Com-link device.  Press enter on add device.  You can now change the name of the device and then press enter.
  8. Check the settings of the SIO by pressing the menu key on the Aquatrend, press enter on the other device menu, enter on the com-link, enter on SIO and then enter on SIO settings.  The default settings are in bold below:
Baud Rate: 600, 1200, 2400, 4500, 9600, 38400, 769800
Local Echo: ON and OFF
Handshake: ON and OFF
Linefeeds: ON and OFF
8 Data Bits Fixed
No Parity Fixed
1 Stop Bit Fixed
  1. The data can now be downloaded using the Datacom AT software.  See the software section for directions on this application.
(Catalog Number/Order Code):
Strain Relief Bushing: 5202500
Power Cord: 4607900 (120 VAC)
Instruction Manual: 5207418      
RS 232 cable: 4812900
SIO Connectors:  5209700