What Hach products do not require a material safety data sheet (MSDS)?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
What Hach products do not require a material safety data sheet (MSDS)?
Hach items that do not have a material safety data sheet.
A list of common products that do not require a material safety data sheet follows.
  1. Demineralized Water (Catalog Number/Order Code 272xx). - this product is non-hazardous.
  2. Standard Zero Water (Catalog Number/Order Code 2125700). - this product is non-hazardous.
  3. Oxygen Scavenger Reagent 1 (Catalog Number/Order Code 2431100, 2431103). - this product is non-hazardous.
  4. Aldehyde-free Water (Catalog Number/Order Code 25946xx). - this product is non-hazardous.
  5. Zero Standard for Low-Range Phosphate (Catalog Number/Order Code 26001xx). - this product is non-hazardous.
  6. Sterilization Indicator (Catalog Number/Order Code 2714700) - this product is an "Article".
  7. BART Testers (Catalog Number/Order Code 2432309, 2432409, 2432509, 2434809, 2619407, 2619309, 2490409, 2831409, 2432609, 2432709, 2490427, and 2478409). - these products are non-hazardous.
  8. Paddle Testers (Catalog Number/Order Code 2610810, 2610910, and 2619510)  - these products are non-hazardous.
  9. Phosphate Dilution vials (component of Reactive Phosphorus Reagent Set Catalog Number/Order Code 2742545) - these products are non-hazardous.
  10. Glass Beads (Catalog Number/Order Code 259600)- This product is an "Article".
  11. Gelex Secondary Turbidity Standards and SpecCheck Sendary Gel Standards (various catalog numbers) - due to their rubber-like consistency, these standards should present no health hazard from contact or inhalation.
Please see attached leter for more information.