Are Hach Fluoride ISE probes EPA approved?

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Published Date 25/01/2018
Are Hach Fluoride ISE probes EPA approved?
Using a fluoride ISE for EPA reporting
Hach Fluoride ISE probes meet the requirements set by the EPA:

Use of a ph/ion meter and fluoride ion-selective electrode with lanthanum fluoride crystal and reference electrode.

We also recommend the addition of buffer (Ionic Strength Adjustor, or ISA) to regulate pH and ionic activity of the sample, and that samples and standards at the same temperature.

Hach method 8323 for Fluoride in drinking water is not referenced directly for NPDWR reporting and method does not have a letter of Acceptance. However, customers can speak to regulators about using this method to report.

Hach method 8323 for Fluoride in Wastewater is equivalent to USEPA-Approved methods. The Hach method references SM 4500-F-C and USEPA method 340.2 as well as ASTM D1179-97. You should always check with local regulations before reporting results obtained using this method.

The Hach website has a full list of our EPA accepted, approved and equivalent methods.