How can data be sent from an HQd meter and opened on a PC?

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Published Date 25/01/2018
How can data be sent from an HQd meter and opened on a PC?
HQd to PC data transfer.
Detailed instructions for transferring data are in the HQd Portable Meter User Manual and HQ440d, HQ430d, HQ411d, Benchtop Meter User Manual in the Data Management section.

Directions for downloading HQd data to Microsoft® Excel®:
  1. Insert USB Storage Device into computer
  2. Open Microsoft® Excel®
  3. Locate the file path to the USB Storage Device and select all file types.
  4. The file data filer is a .TXT file format
  5. Click on the file to open
  6. When the Text Import Wizard opens select DELIMITED and click NEXT
  7. Then select TAB, COMMA and click FINISH
  8. The data should now be viewed as columns in Excel®
To modify the date format in column C follow these steps:
  1. Right click on column C
  2. Click on cell C1 and select INSERT
  3. Type =D1/86400+25569 into the C1 cell
  4. Click on the cell and hold the cursor over the lower right corner till you see +
  5. Then drag to the bottom of the data in column C
  6. Highlight the C column, then click on FORMAT > CELLS > TIME
  7. Select a time format that works best. 3/14/98 1:30pm (recommended)
  8. NOTE: column D cannot be removed since the macro references that column.