Is it possible to store a standard adjust?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
Is it possible to store a standard adjust?
Instructions for storing standard adjust on a spectrophotometer.
It’s true that the program forgets the standard adjust if it is left and reentered. This is done on purpose to prevent customers from applying the same standard adjust for different operators and lots of reagent when it isn’t needed. In some cases applying a standard adjust when it isn’t needed can actually make results worse rather than better. There is a clever way of getting around this if the standard adjust is really wanted to be saved so that it wont need to be readjusted every time the program is reentered.

To do this, first do a normal standard adjust as would be done any other time. Then once the standard adjust is on and applied, select options>more>save as user program. This will create a new program that is a copy of the normal program but with that standard adjust already applied. It will also make need to be renamed. Just adding “std. adj.” to the end of the name is a simple way to simplify any confusion.

When this program is opened from the user program list, it will remember the standard adjust. The risk of course is that it would need to be remembered to redo this when when a different lot of reagent is used, and it shoudl be verified by running that standard again within the user program periodically.