I received frozen reagents. Are they ok, what should I do?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
I received frozen reagents. Are they ok, what should I do?
Frozen Reagents
Most Hach reagents and standards are fine if received frozen. What is important is that they are allowed to come to room temperature naturally and are not thawed by the application of a heat source.

Products that are at the highest risk of being damaged when frozen are on a list, and all product on that list must be shipped air during cold seasons. These are commonly products that contain gel or are in glass containers that can become broken due to expansion of frozen product. Questions on if a product is on this list can be addressed by Tech support.

If you receive a product that was received physically damaged in shipping you can contact Customer Support or Tech Support. If there are concerns about the quality of reagents or standards it is recommended that an accuracy check be performed using primary standard and Tech support be contacted if an accuracy check is not passed.

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