What do we offer for the IQ/OQ for the QBD1200 TOC Analyser?

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Published Date 21/01/2019
What do we offer for the IQ/OQ for the QBD1200 TOC Analyser?
QBD1200 TOC and IQ/OQ
In the US, we offer an IQ/OQ service package that includes performing the IQ/OQ for a customer (this also includes the validation protocol kit). The IQ/OQ document is also embedded in the software itself at no additional charge. To access this, go to the Help menu, then Documents List, and choose the pharmaceutical IQ/OQ document (it is a MS Word document). It can then be downloaded to a USB drive and moved to a PC for input or printing out. One would need to order the validation protocol kit (catalog number/order code 9460100) to perform the IQ/OQ. It is HIGHLY recommended to order the autosampler if performing an IQ/OQ and when the analyser will be used for pharmaceutical use. Doing an IQ/OQ without an autosampler is very tricky and prone to contamination of the standards when moving the tubes from standard to standard. It will also take much longer.

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