What could cause a sampler to blow it's 5 amp fuse?

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Published Date 27/05/2017
What could cause a sampler to blow it's 5 amp fuse?
Sigma sampler troubleshooting.
The 5 amp fuse protects the pump motor from damage in the event that a hard object lodges in the pump housing or tubing jams the rollers. Another possible reason is an internal fault within the pump or gearbox assembly.
Disconnect all power from the sampler and remove the pump cover and tubing. Clean the rollers of all debris and ensure they can move freely by hand. Check the tubing and replace if worn or leaking. The pump tubing must be positioned properly in the pump. The dots on the tubing should line up with the edge of the tubing entrance and exit points on the pump body (see the user manual for details on proper tubing installation). If the tubing is not aligned correctly along the outside wall, it can cause premature wear on the motor and gearbox.  Do not stretch the tubing during installation. Reinstall the pump cover. Always replace the fuse with the exact same rating as the original fuse.