Why won't the code on a new LDO2 cap update in a controller?

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Published Date 25/01/2018
Why won't the code on a new LDO2 cap update in a controller?
LDO2sc Sensor and Calibration Cap
The calibration cap should program the probe with the coefficients and lot code and they get stored in registers on the probe. The controller would then access the probe to read what lot code is stored on it. Version 1.00 software on the LDO2 probe does not store the new cap code. When the sensor does not recognize the new lot code from the new cap, technically the new calibration curve from the sensor cap has not been added into the unit.  There are two options that can address this. 

1.  Update the sensor software  using an SD card and this should allow the sensor to accept the lot code.  When the software is downloaded to the computer, it is important to unzip the file.  The instructions for how to do the software update are in the zipped file.

2.  Perform an air calibration on the sensor.  Look in the user manual  to find the instructions for the air calibration.  The air calibration will provide calibration information to the sensor if updating the sensor software is not a possibility at the time.