How can yellowed sample cells be cleaned?

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Published Date 18/04/2019
How can yellowed sample cells be cleaned?
Recommendation for cleaning yellow stained sample cells or pour-thru cells
Glass and plastic sample cells can be stained yellow over time. This is particularly common when using Nitrogen, Ammonia chemistries. The Nitrogen, Ammonia reagent sets produce a yellow color during the chemical reactions. For the Nitroge, Ammonia Nessler Method 8038 a yellow color is formed proportional to the ammonia concentration. For the Nitrogen, Ammonia Salicylate Method 8155 the yellow color is the reagent color and the solution turns green in the presence of Ammonia.

The discolored yellow sample cells or pour-thru can be cleaned using Sodium Thiosulfate Powder Pillows, pk/50 (Product # 2293766) about once per week to remove the yellow color.

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